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Bear Breakdown: Earl Bennett Is Becoming The Go-To Guy

December 10, 2010 by

The “Commodore connection” is what Bears head coach Lovie Smith calls former Vanderbilt stars wide receiver Earl Bennett and quarterback Jay Cutler. This connection was pretty strong last year when Cutler hit 54 times for 717 yards and two touchdowns.

This season it started out slowly because of a severe hamstring slowed Earl Bennett. Bennett missed most of training camp and pre-season and finally got into the mix in week 2 against Dallas.

Bennett quickly got into the mix taking away minutes from Devin Aromashodu. He is second on the team this season with 39 receptions and 457 yards. In his last two games, Bennett has 11 receptions for 160 yards and two touchdowns.

Bennett has been a great possession receiver and he seems to always to get the first down when the Bears need one. Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox are arguably the top two receivers on the team. Devin Hester gets time on offense, but the Bears are using him correctly by letting him return  kickoffs and punts.

Bennett has picked up as of late and will be needed against the Patriots this Sunday look for him to be a big part of the game plan for the Bears.

Here is what Bennett had to say about his production lately:

“Great plays are being called by Coach Martz,” Bennett said. “Jay is just finding me, and I’m just making plays and helping us extend drives and get points.

“Jay has been great, outstanding, he’s been doing a great job of leading us and staying composed. He makes sure everything is run [properly] on offense, so hats off to him.”

Final Breakdown:

It’s great seeing the potential of Earl Bennett finally come out. Look for him to reel in some passes against the Patriots defense on Sunday. Bennett could be in line for another big day.

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