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Set in Stone? Mock Drafts Have Cameron Heyward and Brooks Reed As Popular Picks for the Green Bay Packers We're almost there. After all the workouts, team visits and analysis from the talking heads, the NFL draft is now only one week away. With the draft being so close, the experts likely have as much information currently as their going to have to make their mock draft decisions. And while guessing the draft is as tough a chore as there is (to my knowledge, no one has ever correctly picked the entire first round), you'd like to think these guys are going to get a good chunk of their picks right. Could one analyst get the Packers pick right? Here is who some of the experts have the Packers taking with the 32nd pick in the NFL [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Draft, Brooks Reed, Cameron Heyward, Green Bay Packers, NFL, NFL draft
As we've seen over the six years that Ted Thompson has controlled the Packers draft, Green Bay's general manager doesn't have a problem picking small school players. In fact, he's struck gold with quite a few of them. Safety Nick Collins (Bethune Cookman), receivers Greg Jennings (Western Michigan) and James Jones (San Jose State), guard Josh Sitton (Central Florida) and running back James Starks (Buffalo) are just a few of the best examples of this. While Thompson does pick from the big name schools too, it's clear that the Packers GM cares much more about what the game tape tells him than what the front of the jersey says. If you can play, and all the other routine draft checks are cleared, it doesn't matter if you're playing for USC or UW-Stout. With that in mind, here are [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Draft, Green Bay Packers, NFL draft, Ted Thompson
Green Bay Gets Cameron Heyward and Sam Acho in Zach Kruse's 7 Round Packers Mock Draft With the NFL draft less than a month away, prospect boards for most teams are coming into focus. For the Green Bay Packers, that also means the most important days of the year are coming up fast. Under GM Ted Thompson, the Packers have historically built their roster solely through the draft—making it a crucial tool if Green Bay wants to continue their recent success. While I ventured into  [...] Continue reading → | Cameron Heyward, Cecil Shorts, Clay Matthews, Cortez Allen, Derek Newton, Graig Cooper, Green Bay Packers, Mock Draft, NFL, Sam Acho, Scott Tolzein, Ted Thompson, William Rackley, Zach Kruse
Jolly Follows the Purple Brick Road out of Green Bay If the Green Bay Packers had any serious plans for Johnny Jolly in 2011, they might as well throw them in the nearest garbage. With Jolly's arrest on Friday, the chances of his reinstatement to the NFL for next season went from probable to nearly inconceivable. In fact, Jolly has a considerably better chance of seeing the inside of jail cell than he does [...] Continue reading → | Cullen Jenkins, Green Bay Packers, Johnny Jolly, Kevin Seifert, Mike Neal, NFL, NFL draft, Ted Thompson, Von Miller
Every year when the NFL season comes to an end, fans—regardless of their knowledge of the team—turn into draft experts. The Green Bay Packers and their fans are no exception. It's a part of what makes the draft process great—everyone has their own opinion on who to pick and why. Yet contrary to popular belief, actual "experts" on the draft are typically more informed and in-tune with who each team might pick than the common fan. They're paid to know (or sound like they know) and their connections to the football world give them an obvious step up. Here are the [...] Continue reading → | Adrian Clayborn, Akeem Ayers, Ben Ijalana, Brooks Reed, Cameron Heyward, Green Bay Packers, Jonathan Baldwin, Martez Wilson, Mikel Leshoure, Mock Draft, Muhammed Wilkerson, NFL, NFL draft
Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews Headline the Ranking of the Green Bay Packers Roster For the Green Bay Packers, winning Super Bowl XLV took a lot more than just the original 53-man roster that every team goes into the season with. 15 players went to the injured reserve with season-ending injuries, meaning the Packers had to scrap the heap of street free agents to even field a full roster. That type of resiliency was a defining part of the Packers season. Each and every member contributed something to Green Bay bringing back the Lombardi Trophy. Here is a ranking of every player [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, GB Packers, Green Bay, Green Bay Packers, NFL, Player Rankings, rankings
In the National Football League, toughness is treasured and praised. It's one of the most violent sports out there, and if you lack a certain amount of "toughness," you're not going to last very long. However, is there a point where football players walk the fine line of being tough and stupid? If you're talking about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it's a line he's walked all season. And finally last Sunday, he paid the price for it. [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Rodgers, Concussion, Cullen Jenkins, Frank Zombo, Green Bay Packers, injury, Marco Rivera, NFL, William Henderson
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