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Heading into the final week of the 2011 preseason teams are starting to make moves to shape their teams for the upcoming season. Earlier in the week Seattle cut ties with former first round pick Kelly Jennings trading the cornerback to Cincinnati. Now longtime Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode is an unrestricted free agent after refusing to restructure his contract.'s John Clayton reported that Gurode met with Seahawks officials Tuesday during a visit but no word on any contract offer. A five time Pro Bowler Gurode had offseason knee surgery which questions how he will hold up this season. He rejected a reconstructed contract offer which forced Dallas to cut the two time All Pro center. He was scheduled to make $5.5 million this season. With that being said here are some [...] Continue reading → | Andre Gurode Free Agent, Andre Gurode Visiting Seattle Seahawks, James Caprenter Struggling During Preseason, John Carlson Surgery, Max Unger 2011, Pete Carroll, Seahawks, Seattle Seahawks, Zach Miller 2011
Disclaimer: The interview took place July 19th 2011. I'd like to thank Josh Gutierrez and BG Sports Marketing for allowing me to interview New Orleans Saints rookie cornerback Johnny Patrick. Patrick, a third round pick (88th overall) in the 2011 NFL Draft earned First Team All Big East in 2010 and recorded nine interceptions in four years at Louisville. Johnny talks about the offseason workouts with the Saints, how he'll fit in New Orleans and the college life and Ohio State/USC sanctions. Lars Hanson: Later on today you're having a coming out party hosted by some of your new teammates, have you been to the Super Dome yet and if so what are your first impressions of the stadium? Johnny Patrick: I haven’t been to it yet, but I heard [...] Continue reading → | 2011 NFL Draft, interview, Johnny Patrick 2011, Johnny Patrick Interview, New Orleans Saints, Saints
Today the Seahawks traded former first round pick Kelly Jennings to the Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. Jennings, a first round pick (31st overall) back in 2006, didn't factor into Gus Bradley and Pete Carroll's plan moving forward. Jennings, 28, spent five seasons in Seattle recording 207 tackles and only two interceptions. With the emergence of former CFL cornerback Brandon Browner Jennings spot on the Seahawks depth chart became lower and lower. Throughout his career in Seattle Jennings was always considered an underachiever and a bust even though he was a late first round pick. Jennings is in the pool along with several other bust draft picks under Tim Ruskell's regime. McDonald comes to Seattle entering his second season in the NFL with only four tackles. [...] Continue reading → | Cincinnati Bengals, Kelly Jennings 2011, Kelly Jennings Traded, Pete Carroll's Plan, Seahawks, Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll and John Schneider continue to put their stamp on the new Seahawks organization. According to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, Marcus Trufant has agreed to take a reduced salary in 2011. Under the new contract Trufant will make $3 million in base salary, down from the original $5.9 million he was scheduled to make. Trufant can recoup the $2.9 million he lost in base salary through unreachable incentives. Some of the incentives include making the Pro Bowl roster and reaching a certain number of interceptions. It's likely Trufant will earn some of his money back but not all of it. Since his standout season in 2007 when he signed a six year, $50.2 million deal Trufant has severely underperformed. Trufant missed six games in 2009 with a lower back injury which [...] Continue reading → | Marcus Trufant 2011, Marcus Trufant Restructures Contract, Seahawks, Seattle Seahawks
The Philadelphia Eagles have made Michael Vick a $100 million dollar man for the second time in his 10 year career. According to ESPN's Andrew Brandt (and confirmed by Adam Schefter) the Eagles and Vick have agree to a new six year $100 million dollar contract with $40 million guaranteed. In February the Eagles placed the franchise tag on Vick hoping to come to a long term deal eventually. Before Vick signed this new deal the franchise tag would have paid him $20 million, the average salary of the five highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. Under his new deal Vick will make roughly $16.5 million per year which puts him in the top three in the league for quarterbacks. After coming off an incredible 2010 season that saw Vick finish with 3,018 yards passing and 21 touchdowns. Vick [...] Continue reading → | Eagles Sign Michael Mick, Michael Vick $100 Million Deal, Michael Vick 2011, Michael Vick New Contract, Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl
One day after clearing waivers former Buffalo Bills first-round pick Aaron Maybin signed a one year contract with the New York Jets. The 11th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft Maybin failed to live up to his selection and never recorded a sack in his two seasons in Buffalo. For Rex Ryan it's a low risk high reward signing. After losing Jason Taylor and failing to "reinvent" first round pick Vernon Gholston the Jets will now rely on Calvin Pace, Maybin and unproven outside linebacker Jamaal Westerman. In two seasons in Buffalo Maybin recorded 24 total tackles and one forced fumble in 27 games. You can follow Lars at Twitter [...] Continue reading → | Aaron Maybin, Aaron Maybin Jets, Jets Sign Maybin, New York Jets
Former Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Daunte Culpepper is trying to make a comeback in the NFL. After several unsuccessful stints in Oakland, Detroit and the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions, Culpepper is looking to get back into the NFL. Culpepper has stated he's willing to be a backup, but that he doesn't want to be signed as an injury replacement. He also cites "unfinished business" as another reason for his comeback to the NFL. “Now that it seems that a deal has finally been reached between the owners and the players, I have decided to enter my name into the NFL free agent pool of quarterbacks,” Culpepper said via e-mail. “I have spent the entire off-season preparing for July training camp and I am anxious to get started. Hopefully, the landscape has [...] Continue reading → | 49ers Want Culpepper, Daunte Culpepper, Daunte Culpepper To 49ers, Free Agent Quarterback
According to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Russell Okung is expected to be ready for the 2011 regular season. Okung left Seattle's preseason game against San Diego with an sprained ankle, a similar injury Okung had in 2010 which forced him to miss six games. "Not nearly as bad as it looked," coach Carroll said about the injury. "He's walking around fine, not in a boot. We're not talking about how long yet, but it's nothing like the ones he had, and so I don't know if you'd call it mild or not, but he was out walking around, and he's moving and he's doing the toe raises and stuff." Carroll would go on to say it's likely Okung could be ready for Seattle's opening game against San Francisco. "It is conceivable that could happen," Carroll [...] Continue reading → | Russell Okung Injury, Seahawks Latest News, Seahawks Russell Okung Could Be Ready For Regular Season, Seattle Seahawks
Leading into the start of training camp, the Miami Dolphins inquired about Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton. After Tim Tebow's par showing in Denver's 24-23 loss to Dallas, and Chad Henne's poor performance against Atlanta, the idea is popping back up to the surface. However, Dolphins fans should hold their applause.  Denver won't be trading Orton to Miami anytime soon. After going through the drama of a quarterback "competition" between Tebow and Orton, John Fox made his decision, naming Orton the starter.  Don't expect that to change. After the Broncos' defeat at Dallas, John Fox's quarterback evaluations put an end to the idea of Tebow starting anytime soon. “Quarterbacking-wise, I thought Kyle was sharp and I thought Tim is a work in progress,” Fox said. [...] Continue reading → | John Fox Will Not Trade Kyle Orton, No Chance Kyle Orton Plays For Miami Dolphins, Tim Tebow Potential NFL Bust
Coming off a 7-9 season and a playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints the Seattle Seahawks are still in rebuilding mode. Seattle finally put an end to the tenure of Matt Hasselbeck, who led the franchise to their only Super Bowl appearance in 10 seasons with the Seahawks. Seattle also cut ties with offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates after one season and hired former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to the same position. Bevell, who was in Minnesota during Brett Favre's tenure, runs a pure West Coast Offense. Also joining Seattle's coaching staff is former Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable who will be the offensive line coach and assistant head coach. Cable came to Seattle with the focus of improving a horrendous running game and solidifying the offensive [...] Continue reading →
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