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Attention! Attention! Roy Williams Is Not a Bust!

November 11, 2009 by


I repeat: Roy Williams is not a bust!

Anyone who watched the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday would see that Roy Williams is far from a bust, but rather an outstanding quality receiver.

He has not had a great year. He has 19 receptions for 324 yards and two touchdowns. He is the guy you don’t want on your fantasy team, but he is the guy I want on our Cowboys roster.

Passing is all about timing. If you don’t have it, you work on it and it takes time to get it right.

The Romo to Williams passing combination has not been as explosive as the Romo to Owens combination that just lit up the NFL for three years with 34 touchdowns.

However, it has just been a working progress that showed results to me last night.

Miles Austin was covered all night, and when that happened, Roy Williams had to step up and make plays to help win this critical ball game, and he did!

He had five catches for 75 yards and almost had a touchdown if he had not been interfered with by Asante Samuel, a penalty that was not called.

You hear how Roy Williams is all hype, no result, but that is far from the truth.

I know some of you who are reading this have had to have played wide receiver at some point in your life.

Those who have should know how hard it is to run the route just right and get in the position to where the quarterback can throw the ball at a angle, and your route intersects that angle at the exact point where you put your hands up to catch the ball and secure it before you get smashed into the turf by a tackler.

I played receiver at a lunchtime game during school, and only one quarterback that I really played with had a mutual sense of timing. From the day I walked onto the field and he (Sean) saw me open, he threw the ball exactly right and I made some amazing catches with him during those games.

We had such a trust that if I could find a soft spot in the coverage (which I did a lot) that he could zip that ball to me and I would catch it.

The other QBs did not either trust me because my hands were iffy at times, or they had a better rhythm with another guy.

I remember one of the other guys (Mario) said to me up front that he was not going throw it to me because I never had the reaction force to go up and fight for the ball in a tough spot.

He was a reckless passer, and I needed a quarterback who would place it where only my hands could get it.

Tony Romo and Roy Williams are now starting to develop that relationship where they know each other’s moves, how fast Roy runs his routes, Roy’s catching limits (like how high can he jump for it), Tony’s arm strength, and they are doing this with a defense trying to put Tony in the turf and bump Roy off his route.

The main reason that Miles Austin is so able to be productive is because he and Tony have been together since 2005, three years longer than Roy Williams has been here.

I’ve seen enough progression to feel confident that we will be seeing more of Romo to Williams. Williams is going to continue to grow into a key possession receiver that is still able to break away for a long gain when given the opportunity.

I have nothing but great expectations for these two, and until they are have everything down perfectly, Romo can always call on Miles Austin or Jason Witten.

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    4 Responses to “Attention! Attention! Roy Williams Is Not a Bust!”
    • CCC says:

      whoever says he is isn’t watching

      the guy is a pretty good player

    • Bryce Finner says:

      Williams is a good talent, but he hasn’t been a good player. He doesn’t get open consistently enough, he doesn’t know the offense or read defenses well, he’s an underachiever. That’s why Romo has poor chemistry with him.

    • Andy Harrison says:

      I agree.
      The timing will come.
      In the meantime, watch for William’s blocking down the field when someone breaks free.
      It ain’t too shabby.

    • Rob54 says:

      BUST!!! dude can’t catch sure he had one or two great games so did kwame brown see how he turned out

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