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Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans: A Public Relations Must Win

October 9, 2009 by

Ken Whisenhunt helped lift the Cardinals to an 8-8 mark in his rookie head coaching debut, and bettered that by leading the 9-7 Cardinals to their first home playoff game since 1947 in his second season. In some ways, his third year may be the most challenging. We’ve seen how good they can be, yet everyone seems to agree they haven’t done enough to prove that their futile past is in the rear view mirror. They are out to prove that they can be a consistently good team. Sitting at 1-2, they have not done that, therefore their Week Five matchup with the Houston Texans is a public relations must win.azc

Pete McElroy of says it best in his Expecting Great Things, noting the burden on both the Cardinals and Texans saying “Cardinals, Texans bearing weight of big hopes this season

Revenge of The Birds’ Andrew602 gives a frank assessment in his Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans: Keys To The Game

Matt Loede from Cardinals Gab reports that WR Steve Breaston is still nursing a sore knee but is expected to play this Sunday.

MentalAcumen’s IDP Infirmary Report notes three other Cardinals were limited in practice, Darnell Dockett, Bryant McFadden, and DRC.

However, Scott Allen of RaisingZona reports that everyone on the roster practiced for the first time this season on Wednesday.

Jacob Sloan of Fantasy Football Fools says Steve Slaton is his Sit of the Week in his weekly column Hot Hands and Cold Shoulders, because of Arizona’s strong rush defense.

LestersLegends is picking Beanie Wells to outproduce Cedric Benson this week in his weekly Fantasy Football Out On A Limb by saying, “They drafted Beanie in the first round so he can make an impact.”

Scott Z. Brady of Bleacher Report and’s BlogBlitz breaks down his Top 5 Fantastic (Regular Season) Finishes in Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals History.

I was given an assignment on Bleacher Report to write about Anquan Boldin. I thought it was a good opportunity to for me to spotlight how favorable Boldin’s stats are not only in NFL history, but compared to teammate Larry Fitzgerald who steals the limelight.

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