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A Dallas Gem From The Fourth Round Shines

October 2, 2009 by


Out of the twelve draft draft selections made this past April, the Dallas Cowboys picked up several players that converted their original positions to outside linebacker.

However, Brandon Williams and  Stephen Hodge are on the injured reserve, and Jason Williams is currently on the injured list, but should be back relatively soon.

However, one linebacker still remained and he was a steal. His name is Victor Butler.

Victor Butler is a 4th round draft choice that the Cowboys picked up to address depth at linebacker after Kevin Burnett and Zach Thomas left the Dallas Cowboys while Greg Ellis was getting older.

I wouldn’t think he’d be getting this much playing time for Dallas, but Greg Ellis, in his unhappiness, finally left the Dallas Cowboys after they released him on his own request.

Greg Ellis is with the Raiders, and with the obvious lack of linebacker depth after so many injuries, Victor Butler really got a chance to shine last night.

He was sent in the fourth quarter when Dallas was already up 21-7 and  the Carolina Panthers quarterback, Jake Delhomme, was trying to make a last minute miracle against the Boys.

Butler replaced Anthony Spencer for a couple of plays and sacked Delhomme twice, forcing a fumble on the second sack that was recovered by defensive end Jason Hatcher.

This guy came out of Oregon State. He’s a Beaver that chews away on the pass rush.

I mentioned him prior in an earlier article during preseason. The article link shown here:

To quote it directly though, “Backup Linebacker Victor Butler really impressed me. He managed to make a tackle and get pressure against the starting Oakland team. Now, he does have to learn to play the run a bit better, but he is looking like a fine draft pick.”

He still looks more like a pass rusher than anything. Granted, he wasn’t really played in a run situation last Monday, but the way he moves his body, he is just a natural at the pass rush.

I don’t know why he wasn’t a higher draft pick, probably because Oregon State is in the Pac 10. Everyone in the Pac 10 is inferior except for USC.

Ironically, Victor Butler was part of the Oregon State upset of USC that kept them from a chance at the National Championship.

I hope to see this young man really play more often during the season. He has two sacks and a turnover in only his third game as a rookie.

Wade, use this kid more, I’m begging you!

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