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The NY Giants New Home: 10 Observations

September 19, 2010 by


That is how I would describe the New Meadowlands. Part of me wants to say, a waste of 1.7 billion dollars…but I’ll refrain. The thousands of empty seats spoke volumes for the discontented fan.

I was amped up for the introduction of the new stadium. The anticipation of seeing the new building and watching a game from my new seats in Section 143 was incredible. I was let down. The NY media machine had hyped up this day as important but still a lowly appetizers to New York Jets game.

My 1st game evaluation:

1. Parking – fairly smooth; however, I was told if you do not have a “parking pass” you can not buy a ticket to park. Why can’t Giants fans just drive up, pay to park and watch the game.

2. Building – The outside of the building was clean and modern looking. The sponsors logo were predominantly displayed but little buzz around the building itself. I expected more kids and interactive games.

3. Inside the Arena – very disappointed. The inside of the building has little to no character at all. Yes, the building has some fancy graphic billboards but they “flip” those signs when it’s a Jets home game. No personality at all.

4. Sight lines – perfect, just as the old stadium. However, I was told by an “upper level” season ticket holder that those upper seats are too high & too far away. He was upset enough to say he would sell every game.

5. Concessions – were a bit routine & standard for a new stadium, but still nice and the cleanliness make you want to buy the over priced grub.

6. Presentation – embarrassing. They had to wheel out speakers strapped to wagons to add to in house audio system. A NY Giants & NY Jets “ring” of fame would have made a nice touch. The “in game” announcer was terrible.

How about some fireworks when the team scores? Or any new tradition for that matter.

7. Video Screens & replay – The four display screens were amazing!…allowing the fans to see all game replays or highlight reel material.

8. Field/Seating – the seats have been moved closer to field of play giving the new stadium a personal connection between the fans and players. Each seat has a cup holder and great view of the digital boards and the field of play. You also enter the stadium from field level and walk up to you seat, allowing very minimal blockage during the game from fans who always need to use the bathroom.

9. Pro Shop – excellent display of everything NY Giants. The only bump I saw was that merchandise was labeled incorrectly.

10. Design – for 1.7 billion dollars I expected so much more. I recently visited the newly renovated Lambeau Field and Solider Field. Both facilities where far superior than the bland concrete and steel facade that is the New Meadowlands. Both facilities screamed with personality even though they look and feel totally different. Lambeau(brick), Solider(glass & metal renovations on top of old concrete base)

Lambeau, Soldier, Heinz, Lincoln Financial, M&T Bank, Texas Stadium are all much nicer stadiums than the new Meadowlands. I hope my 2nd opinion is much better after taking my time to explore the entire facility.

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