49ers Breaking Out and Breaking Records

December 28, 2009 by

49ers TE Vernon Davis has already made franchise history for the San Francisco 49ers. Not only did he become the single season tight end touchdown leader for the team with 10 earlier this season (breaking the previous record of 9 set by Ted Kwalik in 1972) but now he’s got his sights set on perhaps a more prestigious record—tying and breaking the record for most touchdowns for a TE in a single season throughout all teams in the NFL.

The current record of 13 was set in 2004 by Antonio Gates. Only a handful of other tight ends have achieved 12, which is where Davis currently stands after catching a 2-yard touchdown reception in the 20-6 routing of the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Davis is also tied for first in the NFL this season with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald in receiving touchdowns for any position. I’d say this is a pretty good turn around for a player who was just a half a season away from being completely written off by the fans. It’s certainly something I myself didn’t expect, heck I was calling for Delanie Walker, who is no slouch with the ball in his hands, to be the starter.

Still, it’s never felt so good to be proven wrong. With an increased workout regime, Vernon Davis has spent more time after practice this offseason, preseason and regular season out there working with the jug machines, doing nothing but catching passes to get over his case of the dropsies from 2007 and 2008. Positive reinforcement from a certain first year head coach couldn’t have hurt either, could it?

The season just keeps getting better for Davis, though his team can’t make the playoffs this season, as he was named 2009 winner of the Len Eshmont Award, the team’s most prized annual honor. Named for an original 49er, the Eshmont goes to the player judged most inspirational and courageous.

The 49ers travel to St. Louis next Sunday for their season finale and Davis will be looking to both tie and break this record. Still, falling short of this mark wouldn’t necessarily be a failure considering Vernon Davis had broken all his career highs by what seemed to be the first five games of the season. He’s affirmed himself as a threat and, barring total relapse, should be a threat for the years to come both as a receiver and a blocker.

In Other News…

Another 49ers franchise record was broken this season, more specifically just yesterday against the Lions. HB Frank Gore needed 58 yards coming into the game to become the first running back in 49ers history to rush for 1000 yards in four separate seasons, and also the first to do it in consecutive seasons. He finished with 71 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown, as well as four receptions for 81 yards in the win over the Lions.

While 1000 yards rushing isn’t the accomplishment it once was, if you put Gore’s season into perspective you’ll find that he’s been just as good as he always been. Despite the fact that the 49ers geared themselves more towards the past and almost seemingly abandoned the run, despite the fact that Frank Gore was out for three whole games this season and also despite the fact that the line play has been borderline abysmal this year—he’s still managed to put up 1013 rushing yards with one game remaining.

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    2 Responses to “49ers Breaking Out and Breaking Records”
    • Brad Travins says:

      James, do you think the Niners will continue to go with a spread offense like they have down the stretch, or do you think they’ll get back to running the football like the original plan called for?

    • James Brady says:

      I think in this final game against the Rams coach Singletary will give Alex Smith more free reign. It won’t be the team gearing towards the spread, it’s more of letting Smith audition one last time. So in this game I believe we will see a lot more of the spread offense seeing as Gore made his 1000 yard mark. I also have a feeling Singletary cares about the record Davis could break more than he lets on.

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