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2011 NFL Draft Interview: Terrance Turner

February 14, 2011 by

Thanks to Shawn Smith and XAM Sports for giving me the opportunity to interview several 2011 NFL draft prospects. First up is Indiana wide receiver Terrance Turner. Turner was a four year starter at Indiana after redshirting his freshman year. He finished his college career with 143 receptions (sixth all-time at Indiana) for 1,436 yards and four touchdowns.

He also won the 2010 Howard Brown Award, awarded to a player who exemplifies the qualities of former IU Assistant Coach Howard Brown.

Lars Hanson:

What was it like to attend a school like Indiana?

Terrance Turner:

Great! Excellent university and people are great!

Lars Hanson:

Which school (inside or outside your conference) did you like to play against the most?

Terrance Turner:


Lars Hanson:

What has the beginning of the draft process like?

Terrance Turner:

It’s been fun. Exciting to go through this “job interview”.

Lars Hanson:

What is your favorite, or most memorable game at Indiana?

Terrance Turner:

The “Bucket” game vs. Purdue 2007 & 2010 5. March 10th IU Bloomington

Lars Hanson:

If you could pick any of the 32 NFL teams to go to which team would you pick and why?

Terrance Turner:

Whichever team God decides is the best for me.

Lars Hanson:

Would you ever consider coaching in college instead of going into the NFL or are you set on going to the NFL?

Terrance Turner:

Definitely set on making it in the NFL.

Lars Hanson:

If you could say anything to the pro scouts, GM’s and NFL head coaches what would you tell them?

Terrance Turner:

I am an extremely hard worker, a great leader and listener. I want to be the best that Terrance Turner can be.

You can follow Lars at Twitter

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