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2010 NFL Predictions: Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints

August 20, 2010 by

Many consider the preseason practically meaningless.  But why?  We’ve been through a mind-numbing six-month period without football.

For most, this caused emotional pain and frustration.

For some, this even caused physical suffering.

After analyzing the crap out of training camp, Favre Watch, Tebow Time, and the NFL Draft, I’m ready to start chomping at the bit with some power rankings, predictions, and actual games. 

Preseason may not have much on the line for teams as a whole, but it’s a time for backups to seize the opportunity and achieve greatness, perhaps allowing for the next Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, or Kurt Warner, who began to emerge in this very stage.

Moving forward, the Houston Texans may have lost Ben Tate last week for the season, but his chance to shine is still avaliable in the playoffs and many years to come.

This riveting Week 2 preseason matchup airs Saturday night at 8pm eastern, 7pm central.  Tune in to what promises to go down to the wire, as the Super Bowl dark horse contending Houston Texans face off against the defending Super Bowl champs New Orleans Saints, offering fans the chance to discover their team’s offseason progressions.


Game Analysis

Both teams come in after a heart-breaking Week 1 loss, as New Orleans fell short 27-24 against their “practice partner,” New England, while Houston shockingly blew a comfortable lead—pun intended—against Arizona, losing 19-16.

As you already know, the Texans lost Ben Tate for the season, but still have promise in the backfield with Steve Slaton back to full health, undrafted second-year Arian Foster exceeding expectations, Chris Henry ready to become a part of the offense, and Jeremiah Johnson up for the occasion.

The Saints recently cut WR Larry Beavers to make room for the newly added RB Ladell Bettis, securing and fortifying the backfield with complimentary experienced players.

Matt Schaub vs. Drew Brees.  P.J. Hill, Ladell, Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Reggie Bush face off against Steve Slaton, Jeremiah Johnson, Chris Henry, and Arian Foster.

Lance Moore starts to get back to his better days, while Jacoby Jones plays lights out.  Andre Johnson comes away with a score, Marques Colston stays out of the picture, while the return game lights up the crowd with Trindon Holliday and Courtney Roby and perhaps Reggie Bush as well. 

Look for a good one here, with the Texans having a slight since of urgency with players farther on depth chart, coming away with the win in a thriller, 20-17.


Verse of this Piece

“Don’t follow the ways of the wicked; don’t do what evil people do.  Avoid their ways, and don’t follow them.  Stay away from them and keep on going, because they cannot sleep until they do evil.  They cannot rest until they harm someone.  They feast on wickedness and cruelty as if they were eating bread and drinking wine.” —Proverbs 4:14-17

I have written a verse with nearly every article I’ve conducted since I began with my 50th piece.  This is just something small to glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without “laying it on too thick.” 

I hope this will inspire someone to speak out, without fear, and perhaps one day start somewhat of a trend.  If you would like to request a verse, send me a message via inbox.  God Bless and Carpe Diem!

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    3 Responses to “2010 NFL Predictions: Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints”
    • Matthew Martin says:

      Wow. Thanks for that verse. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that verse. It also says a lot when someone isn’t afraid to speak out about their Savior. Keep up the great work, Brother!!

    • Cory Hoster says:

      Can’t wait to see these two offenses on the field in the same game. High-scoring affair. The Texans remind me of the Saints from last year.

    • Sorry for the delayed response….thanks for the great feedback guys! I really appreciate hearing that Matthew!

      And though that game wasn’t easy on the eyes, the Texans’ running game in the season opener was a great surprise!

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