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2010 NFL Mock Draft

April 13, 2010 by

NFL Mock Draft by Michael Ellis

2010 NFL Mock Draft

Based on the transactions that have taken place by 8:21pm PST, April 9th, 2010



Potential Pick (position, school)


St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma)


The Rams just released Marc Bulger – granted that could have been to save nearly 8.5 million dollars, but also to make way for their next franchise quarterback. Especially because I do not think the Rams want to turn the franchise over to Kyle Boller. Boller was formerly a first round pick of Baltimore’s, but he has never turned out like any team has hope, I believe this is in large part due to his poor decision making…point and case, he is engaged to former Ms. California…Carrie Prejean, YIKES!!!

But seriously folks, I think they need help in the trenches but this is a deep year to find offensive linemen so they could use their second and third rounds picks to boosting their line and spend the 1st overall pick on Bradford.


Detroit Lions

Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska)


Previously considered the number one overall pick, but the Rams new need at quarterback has bumped Suh all the way down to the second overall pick. Some analysts and mock draft guru’s believe Suh is the next Reggie White. Now in my mind White is in his own class and Suh should not be compared to him. The Lions could make a case for drafting Oklahoma State’s OT Russell Okung, but when the Lions are put on the clock I firmly believe they will select Suh to take a gamble on what he could potentially be for them in the years to come.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma)


As long as Bradford gets taken number one then the Buc’s will be happy with which ever defensive linemen they can get their hands on. McCoy is deemed the more NFL-ready player, while Suh is considered raw and needs polishing. The Buc’s desperately need help on their defensive line as they amount less than 30 sacks for the whole year. McCoy could be a nice building stone for the Buc’s to rebuild their once mighty defense.


Washington Redskins

Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State)


The Redskins just traded their second round draft pick in this years’ draft and another draft pick from next years’ draft for the services of quarterback, Donovan McNabb. The logical pick would to take Okung and help protect their now veteran quarterback. Okung is considered the top offensive tackle in this years’ draft and would be welcomed in Washington.

But let’s get a little creative with this pick, if the Redskins really want to make a splash – I firmly believe they should trade down to a team with a pick around 14-24 and get that first round pick and that team’s second round pick. That way they can then trade that mid-first round pick to the Bronco’s for wide out Brandon Marshall, giving the Redskins a legitimate number one wide receiver as well as a second round draft pick to take an offensive linemen to protect McNabb.


Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry (FS/SS, Tennessee)


Maybe this year their top five pick will actually pan out,

**cough*** Tyson Jackson***end cough***

Berry comes in highly regarded, but the aspect I like best about Berry is that last year he was coached by a Kiffin, not Lane…what the heck has he done…but rather Lane’s father Monte, who is probably one of the greatest defensive minds to ever be a part of football. Kiffin create incredible defenses during his years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a slew of awesome secondary players have been shaped by Kiffin’s tutelage.


Seattle Seahawks

C.J Spiller (RB, Clemson)


The short answer is that Julius Jones and Justin Forsett cannot cut it by themselves to carry the load at running back. Spiller could be a dynamite playmaker which the Seahawks desperately need since the departure of Shaun Alexander. Spiller is the most talked about running back in this year’s draft and could do some damage against a mediocre Arizona Cardinal’s defense and a rebuilding Rams’ defense…the 49ers have a great defense but that could be a good measuring stick for the young Spiller to see how formidable he is at that point.

I cannot see the Seahawks drafting a quarterback as Seattle just traded to obtain Charlie Whitehurst from San Diego for Pete Carroll to groom to become the Seahawks’ heir-apparent to Matt Hasselbeck. I could also see the Seahawk’s bolstering their offensive line but they can do that with their other first round pick as well as their second round pick, Spiller will not be there at Seattle’s other first round pick (14th), he is rising up the draft board very quickly…and if it wasn’t for the signing of Thomas Jones to the Chiefs I would say the Chiefs would have been very interested in pairing Jamaal Charles with Spiller.


Cleveland Browns

Jimmy Clausen (QB, Norte Dame)


If he does not go here, it could be a while before Clausen is drafted. I know there is a lot of talk about Buffalo drafting Clausen but Trent Edwards has done a great job at quarterback…Edwards just has not had the offensive line help to stay on the field. Clausen would do no better with the mediocre offensive line the Buffalo Bills’ possess.

The Browns cut ties with BOTH Brady Quinn (to Denver) and Derek Andersen (to Arizona). They signed Jake Delhome (formerly of the Carolina Panthers) and Seneca Wallace (formerly of the Seattle Seahawks). Delhomme is a shadow of the quarterback he used to be, while Wallace was brought in by Mike Holmgren (former coach of the Seahawks…see the connection) to be back up yet again in Cleveland. Clausen would makes sense here, Holmgren has been great at grooming quarterbacks and he brought in two other quarterbacks to hold the reins long enough and mentor Clausen until he is ready to take the lead the Browns!


Oakland Raiders

Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland)


No matter which dreadful quarterback the Raiders put behind center, they won’t be able to do anything in that offense without a better offensive line. The defense is solid, if not exceptional…the Raiders have two above average running backs in Michael Bush and Darren McFadden. The wide receiver core could use improvement but again…if the offensive line can’t hold off the pressure from the opposing defense then the quarterback is never going to have enough time to get the ball to the receiver.

Campbell is rated high and could come in and immediately help out a depleted Raiders’ O-line.

Another possible draft selection could be either Rutgers stand out Anthony Davis or Oklahoma stud Trent Williams.


Buffalo Bills

Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers)


The Bills already have a smart and pretty good quarterback in Trent Edwards, there is no need to draft another quarterback…ESPECIALLY…with this pick. The Bills have too many other holes to fill. To start with, Offensive Tackle Jason Peters who they traded away this time last season to the Eagles. Peters is an exceptionally talented player who the Bills just did not want to pay, so therefore they have to go and rebuild their offensive line to protect Edwards. If you go back and look at the games when Trent Edwards had adequate time he made good decisions. It is only when he got knocked around did the mistakes occur.

Other possible selection could be Dez Bryant, the wide receiver out of Oklahoma State…appointed the title of most talented WR in this year’s class. If the Bills want to finally give Lee Evans (the Bills current number 1 wide out) some help and do not believe in James Hardy then Bryant would be a solid selection.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech)


Because this team is run by idiots they will not select Tim Tebow. The NFL after all is a business and the Jaguars were one of the few teams last year with blackout dates due to the recession (poor economy, etc, etc). Well a brilliant way to get TONS of fans into the games would be to draft Tebow. Probably the MOST beloved Florida Gator because of his morals, values, and respect for people on and off the field. Tebow would be a great add on into Jacksonville providing a replacement for David Garrard and ultimately put fans in the stands.

But the Jaguars management will not do that, because popular belief is that Tebow cannot convert his college game to the professional game. The Jaguars definitely believe in the mentality that you win football games in the trenches, because of that they will look to bolster their defensive line with Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan. Morgan is a beast and could provide exceptional ability to get to the quarterback assuming that Morgan is coached and mentored properly.


Denver Broncos

Dan Williams (DT, Tennessee)


The Denver Bronco’s turned a lot of heads last season starting out the year 6-0…but sputtering out of the playoff hunt and finishing 8-8. The most important aspect of their 3-4 Based defense is the Nose Tackle, because to have an effective 3-4 D the Nose Tackle needs to be able to command the respect of the other team by putting two offensive linemen on him…ala Kris Jenkins with the New York Jets. Nose Tackles do not come along often and more importantly have not been received the honor of being coached by Monte Kiffin (defensive coordinator of Tennessee last season). Williams is a very talented player and after being coached by Kiffin has more of the tools to be successful at the next level. Williams fits the Broncos needs and could help solidify the Bronco defense.


Miami Dolphins

Jason Pierre-Paul (LB, South Florida)


When have you known a Bill Parcel’s led team to do anything other than pick a defensive player??? Pretty slim chances…even though Dez Bryant is still around at this point I feel the Dolphins who look to replace two of their aging linebackers – Joey Porter (now with Arizona) and Jason Taylor (currently a free agent, but leaning towards New York jets). Pierre-Paul is considered one of…if not the best linebacker in this years’ draft and could be a huge addition to the Dolphins defense.


San Francisco 49ers

Joe Haden (CB, Florida)


Haden was once considered to be a top 7 selection, but his showing at the NFL Combine was subpar (due to an undisclosed injury Haden failed to mention to teams until recently) dropping him into the middle of the first round. The 49ers need to provide cornerback Nate Clemens help in the secondary. Haden is still widely regarded as the premier cornerback in the draft and the second overall secondary player in this years’ draft. Haden has great speed and packs a punch…perfect fit for Coach Mike Singletary’s style of defense.

Other possibilities include: trade for the right to Brandon Marshall, drafting offensive lineman Trent Williams, giving Super Star Patrick Willis some assistance by drafting Sean Weatherspoon or a long shot they could draft Jimmy Clausen if he falls to them – if the organization decides that Alex Smith is not the future at quarterback for the 49ers.


Seattle Seahawks

Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma)


I think it is imperative for the Seahawks to use their second of their 1st round picks very wisely in the sense that if the right players fall for them, that the Seahawks should take one skilled offensive player (RB, WR, etc) and one offensive linemen. I have the Seahawks already taking Spiller with the 6th overall pick and therefore Trent Williams would be a perfect fit for the team. Matt Hasselbeck is in desperate need of protection.


New York Giants

Sean Weatherspoon (OLB, Missouri)


Of any pick in the first round of the draft this is the one that is most for sure. If not Weatherspoon you can bet the Giants will be selecting a linebacker to replace Antonio Pierce’s voice in the huddle. If it is not Weatherspoon, then perhaps the Giants could select Sergio Kindle (Texas) or Rolando McClain (Alabama).


Tennessee Titans

Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State)


Sure it is a bit of a stretch because no one talked about Bryant going to Tennessee, but if no one picks him up before this point then I firmly believe he will be selected here. With Bryant in their wide out core the Titans would have an impressive group of wide receivers (Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, and Justin Gauge. The other option here is for the Titans to draft Brian Price from UCLA, the Titans really missed the presence of Albert Haynesworth last year (who signed with the Washington Redskins last year) and now Kyle Vande Bosh left to play for the Detroit Lions. If they wanted to add size in the middle of their line they would draft Price, but if they want some speed on the outside of the line then Brandon Graham of Michigan would be a great selection as well.


San Francisco 49ers

Brian Price (NT, UCLA)


Most of the holes or weaknesses in the 49ers teams appear to be with the offense but there are not too many players I would take at this position other than Price. In a Mike Singletary led team the best offense is an amazing defense. The 49ers could really add size and good pass rushing ability with the selection of Price. Price has a knock on him that he does not always play at a high level, well if the 49ers select him then I would bet Mike Singletary would light a fire under young Price’s butt and get him in shape and ready to play.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Brandon Graham (DE, Michigan)


At first, I thought the linebacker from Alabama, Rolando McClain could be picked up here but after doing more research line-backing is one of the strength of a now humbled franchised. Dealing with the Ben Roethlisberger debacle and the absence of wide receiver Santonio Holmes (traded for a 5th round pick to the New York Jets). But you could make a case for the Steelers to go for a wide out – if Dez Bryant falls to #18 overall pick.

The Steelers could also improve their offensive line by drafting Charles Brown (USC) or Maurike Pouncey (Florida), but somehow I am not sold on the Steelers picking up an O-linemen until the second round.

I could see the Steelers trying to trade this pick to the Patriots for 2 of the four selections in the 2nd round.

But a more realistic selection could be Brandon Graham, defensive end of Michigan. The Steelers could use more help in the trenches and this is still the Steelers’ organization-defense first and second…


Atlanta Falcons

Rolando McClain (OLB, Alabama)


At first I thought the Falcons should draft a defensive end such as Brandon Graham, but the more I reviewed their player personnel the Falcons should add size and speed to their line-backing core and with the 19th pick the Falcons should pick Rolando McClain. McClain was coached by Nick Saban, who has time and time again produced a lot of solid talent whether it was during Saban’s time in LSU or Alabama. From Saban’s coaching McClain should also be NFL ready and able to help the Falcons from day one.


Houston Texans

Earl Thomas (FS/SS, Texas)


The Texans recently lost Dunta Robinson to the Falcons and even though they Robinson played cornerback they need to bolster their secondary as a sleuth of unknowns back there…Earl Thomas could come in and make an immediate impact, he proved to be durable at Texas and that would be equally important to the Texans who have had no luck with Eugene Wilson who has missed nearly 30 games (29) over the last 4 seasons…and added bonus to drafting Thomas would be that he’d instantly be fan favorite having played his college back in/at Texas.


Cincinnati Bengals

Taylor Mays (FS, USC)


The Bengals need new FS, their current player is Chris Crocker who has played 8 seasons in the NFL and the Bengals should expect more production than 51 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 2 interceptions…which is what Crocker gave them last season. If Mays had left USC last year he would have been a top 10 draft selection (guaranteed, most likely top 5) but he stayed and sports analysis’s found flaws in his game, even though his production was still at a very high level at USC. If the Bengals are able to obtain such a talented player with the 21st overall pick I would consider this a terrific pick for the Bengals organization.

I also feel that the Bengals will select Mays because he played ball at USC. Since 2003 draft the Bengals have taken 4 players: Carson Palmer, Frostee Rucker, Keith Rivers, and Rey Maualuga. Obviously, there is an infinity with USC players as there should be…besides Rucker who was drafted in the 3rd round all of the other players were considered 1st round talents, Maualuga went into the early part of the second round.

USC prepares their players very well for the next level and Pete Carroll was an exceptional coach to all of the aforementioned players.


New England Patriots

Jermaine Gresham (TE, Oklahoma)


The Patriots are thin at tight end position, releasing Chris Baker and with Benjamin Watson signing with the Cleveland Browns. Leaving them only Alex Smith – not the quarterback, but another Alex Smith who has been unproductive during his career in the NFL. Smith had 3 catches for 25 yards last year. Gresham is regarded as the best tight end in this years’ draft and if he had entered his name in the draft last year he would have been a top 15 pick, Gresham came back to win a national championship but got hurt and missed nearly all of last season at Oklahoma. Still highly regarded this seems like a perfect fit for the Gresham and the Patriots. I know the Patriots need to improve their defense but the Patriots are fortunate enough to have 4 2nd round picks and will be able to fill their holes on defense during that time.


Green Bay Packers

Charles Brown (OT, USC)


The Packers ended the season’s one of the hottest teams in the NFL, with a lot of experts picking them to go deep into the playoffs. One of the reasons they got on a roll towards the end of the season is because the Packers offensive line suffered a lot of injuries (notably to the offensive line) in the beginning of the year causing the team to start out slow with a 4-4 record but ending the season 7-1 and the one loss came on a last minute play by the Steelers.

In order to strengthen the Packers and keep quarterback Aaron Rodgers from being sacked so regularly I believe the Packers should definitely pick up with the 23rd overall pick Charles Brown out of USC, who did an excellent job guarding Matthew Barkley this past year for USC.


Philadelphia Eagles

Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida)


With the departure of Donovan McNabb, the Eagles were given the Redskins second round pick this year, thus allowing them to take a gamble on Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap was considered by many to be a top 10 pick this year but his carless acts off the field have ruined his credibility which he needs to restore. The Eagles would be smart to add another explosive defensive end to their squad and pair Dunlap with sensational pass rush of Trent Cole which would give the Eagles a formidable book-end of pass rushers for years to come.


Baltimore Ravens

Jared Odrick (DT, Penn State)


The Ravens need to look to replace Left Defensive Tackle Trevor Pryce who has been in the league for 14 years now and Odrick would be a great person to transition into that position. Adding Odrick to the Ravens defensive line would give their team a large but surprising quick line with Haloti Ngata who is HUGE (literally and figuratively) but also quick on his feet for his size. The Ravens made strides with their offense last year – showing that they could score at will, but now they need to get back to their routes and shut opposing offenses down and make them remember the day they dealt with the Ravens’ defense.

The offense improved in the offseason adding Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin. Boldin gives the Ravens their first reliable, tough, and most talented receiver to date. Not trying to take away from Derrick Mason who has proven time and time again that he is one of the most underrated receivers in the National Football League. The Ravens also added Donte Stalworth who had to spend a year away from the game because of a horrific off the field incident. With an offense fully loaded, it will be crucial for Ray Lewis to rally his defense and take his team back to the promise land!


Arizona Cardinals

Maurike Pouncey (OT, Florida)


Lose Warner to retirement, lose Anquan Boldin via trade, and lose Carlos Dansby to free agency…YEEEASSHHHH! The best thing for the Cardinals to do is ensure the protection of the quarterback they still have in Matt Leinhart. Leinhart has waited patiently to be the Cardinals starting quarterback and hopefully he has learned a thing or two from Warner over his 5 years of waiting. The Cardinals finally established a semblance of a running game so adding Pouncey will only help create holes for the Cardinals running backs Tim Hightower and Chris “Beanie” Wells to burst through. Even though Boldin is an exceptional talent – the Cardinals are fortunate to believe in Steve Breaston enough to give him shot at the number 2 wide out position opposite of Larry Fitzgerald. Early Doucet and Jerheme Urban have proven that they can compete for the 3rd wide receiver position. As far as defense, head coach Ken Whisenhunt is reuniting with Joey Porter from their time in Pittsburgh together. Hopefully Porter has a few more years left in the tank so the Cardinals can keep themselves atop of the NFC West because the 49ers seem primed to take the crown away from the Cards!


Dallas Cowboys

Mike Iupati (OG, Idaho)


The Cowboys released Flozell Adams who is a 13 year veteran at Left Guard and they currently do not have a back up on their depth chart, so it will be imperative to draft a player who can step up and protect Tony Romo from the fierce defenses of the NFC East. Mike Iupati is considered to be a very good talent but a little underrated coming from University of Idaho, usually the only team mentioned in that region of the country is Boise State…and rightfully so, but Idaho had a great year and won the Humanitarian Bowl against Bowling Green. Iupati was a big part of that providing protection for their gun slinger to make a last minute drive and touchdown to win the game. Iupati would be a great addition to the Cowboys.


San Diego Chargers

Ryan Matthews (RB, Fresno State)


Originally I had the Chargers taking running back Jahvid Best from Cal Berkeley, but then I realized that Best’s game was too similar to that of Darren Sproles who is already on the Chargers squad. Ryan Matthews fits the bill for what the Chargers need. Matthews is 6’2” and built like a tractor trailer, hauling defenders with him until he is able to shake them off. Matthews could be like Brandon Jacobs is to the New York Giants football team, eating up yards and pounding the rock up and down the defense’s throat. No one will ever replace LaDainian Tomlinson but Matthews will be able to provide fresh legs for the team to go to when Phillip Rivers is not passing the ball.


New York Jets

Everson Griffin (DE, USC)


I was set on the Jets drafting Shipley here, even though he is projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round…Shipley definitely has all the makings to be Wes Welker-esk, but then the Jets traded their 5th round pick this year for Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Holmes will be sitting the first 4 games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy but should be able to contribute to the jets organization in week 5 of the season. Honestly, I am still comfortable with the Jets picking Shipley to give Sanchez a duo for the next decade, but I think now that the Jets have added Holmes they will not draft a wide out with this pick and instead will look at two potential players: Javhid Best the running back from Cal Berkeley was in consideration for the Heisman before he suffered a concussion towards the latter part of the season, but is still very talented and should the Jets current running back Leon Washington become even more disgruntled than he already is, Best’s speed would be a great addition to Shonne Green and LaDainian Tomlinson. Or the other player I feel they could take is Everson Griffin from USC. Griffin would be a great fit into Rex Ryans’ 3-4 defense, if the Jets do not acquire free agent Jason Taylor look for them to draft Everson Griffin, not only is he extremely talented, he was coached by Pete Carroll who has developed some of the best defenses and defensive players in the past decade.


Minnesota Vikings

Colt McCoy (QB, Texas)


Like it or not even if Brett Farve does come back quarterback is still a concern for the Vikings. Brett would only play one more season or two at most and obviously Tarvaris Jackson has shown us that he is not able to carry the load enough to take the team to the promise land. Granted Jackson was the starting quarterback that led them to a NFC North title two years ago but that was more because of an amazing defense complemented by the running game of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. McCoy is a winner, as he showed us during his time at Texas becoming the winning-est quarterback during career behind center as a Longhorn. When I see the way McCoy leads his team down the field and is so fired up on and off the sideline…they remind me of Farve and his passion for the game and wouldn’t it be terrific for McCoy to hold a clipboard for a year or two and watch and learn from Farve. Even though there is a pressing need to bolster the offensive line I feel confident that the Vikings could solve that situation later in the draft and that McCoy’s draft stock is rising so much that they would not be able to acquire him in the second round where they pick currently.


Indiapolis Colts

Tim Tebow (QB, Florida)


If the second half of the Jets-Colts game during the regular season and the Bills game to end the season tell you anything it should be that the Colts need a backup quarterback and Peyton does not have a big enough ego not to assist in the maturation and growth of Tebow…who time and time again shows us he is one of the best athletes the college game has ever seen and adding that with the mentoring from Manning then Tebow becomes a viable option if the Colts ever need his services and also want to implement a few wild cat packages to throw off their opposing defenses. The team does not have a lot of holes, I would considered drafting backup offensive linemen as well as secondary players but the Colts would not be able to acquire Tebow with their second round pick but they will be able to acquire offensive linemen and secondary players later on in the draft.


New Orleans Saints

Kyle Wilson (CB, Boise State)


The World Champs do not have a lot of pressing needs as their team did win the championship game last year and take home the hardware, but one of their biggest strengths was in the secondary and when you have a fairly complete team it is always good to improve what you are already good at. Wilson is considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in this years’ draft and if the Saints are able to draft Wilson I would consider that a steal.

If you want to learn more about the Saints’ and their draft plans please read my other article entitled: “Saints Draft Kit”

Hope you found this helpful when your team is on the clock in the first round!!!

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    10 Responses to “2010 NFL Mock Draft”
    • Al Capone says:

      Logical picks…maybe there ought to be a LasVegas odds makers on which sports writer gets all 31 or 32 picks right !! Informative…

    • lars hanson says:

      Pete Carroll came out and flat out stated C.J Spiller does not fit the team catagory needs, and this was backed up by ESPN. Also if in anyway Seattle somehow gets Spiller it WILL NOT be at No. 6 overall because no one can justify that.

      Clausen will go 6. Dez Bryant will most likely go No. 14. Ryan Mathews could go No. 60. Then OT with Tony Washington in the 4th round etc.

    • willis thames says:

      Tebow to the Colts would be a shocker. If that happens, he could be the first player to serve as a backup QB AND fullback (or something like that).

    • charles hennings says:

      Iupati is a good blocker, I don’t think he’ll fall to 27. I expect him to go in the Top 20. Holmgren said he doesn’t like Clausen….that must mean he’s taking him.Spiller to the Seahawks is a little hard to see, especially if so many offensive tackles are available this draft. Overall, good mock draft, I liked this.

    • Jake Johnson says:

      Hanson is right, Spiller will not go to Seattle. He’ll go to San Fran at #13, then they’ll wait for one of the elite OL at #17 (i.e. Anthony Davis, Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati, etc.). I think their options are Derrick Morgan, Rolando McClain, or a tackle for one of their picks and see if they can get Earl Thomas at #14. But in all, decent mock. BTW, Clausen will go somewhere in the range of 5-16, but not seventh. Maybe the Broncos or Dolphins will bite.

    • Michael says:

      1st – why would the Seahawks draft a quarterback when Pete Carroll wants to groom Charlie Whitehurst (recently acquired via trade from San Diego)??? Whitehurst is an unproven back-up, so my bet is that Seattle did not trade to get him to play the role of back up for Matt Hasselbeck and a Player to be Named Later (a la Jimmy Clausen, etc, etc)

      2nd – How much do you trust what Pete Carroll or any other coach says….point and case check out the video


      …I think I will trust any coach/GM/football executive just about as far as I can throw them.

      3rd ) I do not even mention a player named Tony Washington..any reason you wanted to give me the draft plans of him? If he is in your mind to be San Diego’s 4th round pick you should have made that more clear to the reader(s) and myself

      Jake Johnson
      1st) decent mock draft…cough…thanks…end cough…you made my day. At least you provided some rationale unlike your boy Lars. I cannot take you seriously when you make comments like “Maybe the Broncos or Dolphins will bite [on Clausen]”. Broncos just traded for Brady Quinn…okay take them out of the equations and the Dolphins have been planning their team around Chad Henne as their quarterback for the future…PLUS this is a Bill Parcel’s run organization, you believe they are going to take an offensive player? Parcels is a defensive minded person and will be drafting defense.

    • Max says:

      Where is Bryan Bulaga on your Mock Board?!?! He is atleast a Top 15 pick and could be either the 2nd or 3rd best offensive lineman in this draft

    • Ben Hudson says:

      tim tebow will go to the giants not colts

    • RedMountain says:

      I do not like this mock. Why would anyone pass on Rolando McClain, if you need someone in the middle? Denver takes him, or the Giants, or any of a number of teams. The Titans will NOT take another WR in the first round. They have bigger problems on defense. They will take a safety, corner, linebacker, or pass rusher. Then there are all the other picks that have been mentioned. I would say about 10 of these picks may be right.

    • Renée says:

      Ops that did not turn out quite as you had thought. Better luck next year.

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