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2010 NFL Draft Report: Jimmy Clausen Won’t Be Drafted By The Seahawks

April 8, 2010 by

With the NFL draft looming, the talk has begun circling around quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Since the Donovan McNabb trade, Clausen’s sights on a team must be nerve-wracking.

The Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars are among the short list of teams that could take a chance on Clausen.

One of the teams reportedly not interested? The Seattle Seahawks.

According to ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper, his sources close to Pete Carroll confirm the former USC head coach will not draft Clausen, a California native.

The Seahawks’ glaring needs are mainly on the offensive line, along with the secondary.

The quarterback position is also a need, as Matt Hasselbeck is getting up in age.

Don’t rule out the Seahawks drafting a quarterback—just not the name Jimmy Clausen.

Matt Miselis is an NFL Draft writer for

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    One Response to “2010 NFL Draft Report: Jimmy Clausen Won’t Be Drafted By The Seahawks”
    • Tom Leary says:

      If Seattle had even a halfway decent offensive line, I’d say they should go after Clausen. But they need so much help at OT that they just can’t take the risk this year.

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